Private School Teacher Prefers Anganwadi for Son’s Schooling Lakshmi Devi is a school teacher in a private school. Mother of a four-year-old named Hitesh, her choice of schooling for her son is remarkable and encouraging. Given that she is a teaching staff at a private school, it is quite surprising to see her choosing to put her son into an Anganwadi i.e. the Devasandra Anganwadi. When asked about this decision, she expressed that though both private schools and Anganwadis have similar facilities available such as Teaching Learning Materials (TLM), Anganwadis allow these materials to be taken home where the mother and child can play and learn with it. Moreover, Lakshmi Devi feels that the child’s environment at Anganwadis are more organic and involves free-play which is beneficial to their personality development and growth, on a whole. There are lesser rules and restrictions which can otherwise be detrimental in constricting children’s natural growth, mentally and emotionally.
After losing his father in an accident and grabbing the complete responsibility of the family, Bhimaraj was not happy a single day. His life became more mechanical as the only purpose was to earn money and maintain day to day life. A part time job at an automobile showroom just filled his pockets with some money and did not drive any happiness. This is when he came across our training center that aimed at upskilling youth with different job-oriented skills and knowledge. Being a foodie himself, Bhima was always passionate about cooking and hospitality. He picked up a Hotel management course in the center. It did not take much time for him to become a favorite student in center. He got placed in a renowned restaurant, South Ruchi located near Racecourse road of Namma Bengaluru. He is solely running his family comprising his mother and two younger brothers. He stood as a backbone to his brother providing them an education that he has missed.
We were able to capture Bhagya during these times, who took financial aid during the pandemic and now she is earning to support her family. Bhagya, (Anekal), Bhagya, who has always been thinking about setting up poultry and making good cash. Dreamt big! butlike all middle-income families, Bhagya is also the one who faced a very bad time during the pandemic. when she had no income to survive during the pandemic to buy food for the house to feed her children. Due to money limitations, she felt very hard to meet daily needs. Bhagya thought she was going to look for a job but the pandemic has changed the job opportunities inversely, this was when she came to know about the nearby anganwadi supported by uwbe, where we were providing support to all rural youth and community people. In order to get financial assistance, Bhagya completed the process and her account was credited with 10,000 within a week. Where 10 hens and feed were purchased for the full monetary amount. Her goal was to breed and sell hens and eggs at a better price. After that, things changed and now she has 10 chickens and more than 15 eggs yet to be hatched. By selling this, she earns 1500 on sale of one hen where she can buy her home ration and support the family and pay off her personal debts. She is very pleased to be able to earn as per her desire. "I warmly thank united way Bengaluru for providing financial assistance and support during the financial crisis, I can earn now to support my family to meet the needs."


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