High demand for organic eggs produced under UWBe’s Women empowerment program

By Reena Pillai

The women empowerment program supported by United way Bengaluru and Applied Materials for 50 women in Kolar to initiate mini poultry farms in their backyards has come full-circle as women have started to sell the nati (organic / desi/ country) eggs.

Good demand for organic eggs produced under the Women Empowerment Program

Under the women empowerment program which commenced in December, each beneficiary woman was given three hens and one rooster to set up a mini poultry farm to make them financially independent. We are pleased to state that they have started to reap the benefits of the program. The demand for the organic eggs is high and each egg is sold for Rs. 9 which is very profitable for these women.

Maramma, a beneficiary women with the hens and rooster she received

David Manger of Community Initiatives, United Way Bengaluru said, “There is very good demand for nati (organic / desi/ country) eggs as people are becoming more health conscious. United Way Bengaluru is supporting a women empowerment program in Kolar where 50 women are taught to run their own mini poultry farms. The initiative which commenced in the month of December looks to be lucrative and and these women see a great potential to scale it”.

Women beneficiaries are positive about the success of the mini poultry farming initiative

Shivamma from Guvalahalli, Bangarpete Taluk, a beneficiary, committee member and a fervent participant of all the programs says, “I have sold 17 eggs so far and earned Rs. 135. With proper care and perseverance, in a year’s time, I hope to make a minimum profit of Rs. 6000 per month.”


Uma Devi from Hosmanegalu says, “I’m grateful to United Way Bengaluru and Applied Materials for providing us an opportunity to earn and contribute towards our family expenses. I plan to start a successful poultry farm first by breeding and multiplying my livestock and then selling the eggs and hens in the local market.”

Uma Devi

About the project

The Women Empowerment program supported by United Way Bengaluru and Applied Material through sustainable livelihood is a one year program (2016-2017) initiated to provide financial support to 50 poor and marginalized women from Yelesandra panchayat of Bangarpet taluk.

Though the project’s main focus is to improve the socio-economic condition of the 50 women, it has also helped them become more confident in their business dealings. Other women too have began to show interest in this venture in order to become financially independent, which is definitely a positive sign.