Interning with United Way Bengaluru

United Way Bengaluru is inviting applications for a 2 month internship program from April to May, 2017 to work with the team and make valuable contributions to the organization’s programs. The last date for submitting applications is 31st January, 2017.

Will an internship at United Way Bengaluru mean brewing coffee and making copies of documents? Absolutely not! An internship benefits both the organization and an intern in different ways.
Duration of Internship: Minimum of eight weeks of sincere commitment.
How will an internship at United Way Bengaluru benefit students?
  • United Way Bengaluru has designed its internship program to ensure that suitable hands on experience will supplement the theoretical knowledge being learnt inside a university classroom.
  • In particular, the intern will be exposed to United Way Bengaluru’s dedicated efforts at trying to help corporates achieve their corporate social responsibility targets, match the root causes of problems in the society with NGOs who are willing to make a significant intervention and finally empower communities to take charge of their resources. This will offer interns with an in depth understanding of how NGOs and funding organizations function.
  • We understand that most interns may be undergraduate or graduate students who are unsure about what they would want be involve themselves with after graduation. Interning with United Way will provide exposure to the public space which may be an area of interest for students. Further, every intern will mandatorily visit at least two sites and generate a report which will complete their experience of engaging with the social sphere.
  • Internships are voluntary based which means that they are non-remunerable. However, interns will receive a certificate at the end of their internship recognizing their work in the organization.
Our Selection Process
  • United Way Bengaluru accepts university students who have completed at least one year of their college degree program.
  • The organization does not offer Work from home projects which means that interns will be expected to come into office for work.
  • Interested candidates are requested to fill out this application form  and send it to Your email should be accompanied by your profile and cover letter. Ensure the dates and duration of your internship is clearly mentioned. We do not host interns for durations less than 8 weeks. Internship applications should reach us one month in advance