UWBe, AMD volunteers and beneficiaries bond at Community Initiative Meet at Mandur

By Reena Pillai
United Way Bengaluru and AMD organized a Community Initiative Meet at an old age home in Mandur on 13th December, 2016.
Volunteers listen attentively as they are briefed on the agenda for the day
The purpose for this meet was a joint engagement of the leadership team and corporate volunteers with the senior citizens whom they have been supporting for the past one year.
WATCH MR MANISH MICHAEL WELCOME THE GATHERING https://www.facebook.com/UnitedWayBengaluru/videos/1321674121230248/
Corporate Volunteers engaged with the inmates of the old age home
United Way Bengaluru in association with AMD have been supporting the holistic needs of 25 senior citizens which include nutritious meals, 24/7 health care facilities and recreational activities.
In addition, the senior citizens are being trained in various income generation activities like candle making, broom making, paper bag making and tailoring.
AMD volunteers participate in various activities together with the inmates
AMD Leadership team look on at an ongoing game of musical chair
Around twenty corporate volunteers and six senior leaders participated in the various activities the inmates of the old age home undertake on a day to day basis. They were extremely happy with the ambience, facilities and the overall positive vibe of the center.
A fun game of musical chair played by volunteers and beneficiaries
The meet began with an ice breaking session initiated by Mr Manish Michael, Executive Director of UWBe. The session began with the rain clap mimicking the day’s rainy weather followed by self-introduction and sharing the meaning of his/ her name.
WATCH THE FUN RAIN CLAP HERE https://www.facebook.com/UnitedWayBengaluru/videos/1323982187666108/
It was an invigorating start followed by the fun musical chair game between the volunteers, inmates and intellectually challenged young children living in a hostel within the same premises.
Mr Manish Michael, Executive Director and other participants listen as a senior leader speaks
On the occasion, Mark Papermaster, CTO and SVP at AMD said, “We are extremely happy to be in a partnership with United Way Bengaluru. With all the technological advances we have achieved as a company, we as a team also wish to give back to our community. We look forward to partnering on more such initiatives.”
Mark Papermaster, Senior Leader of AMD lauds the work undertaken at the old age home
Kiranmai Pendyala, CVP of HR at of AMD shares her positive feedback on the support program
Gurudutt, aged 83, who worked as a professor in his younger days shared thought provoking words of wisdom. Having being abandoned by his family for being unable to fulfill their never ending materialistic demands, he said, “Please be content with whatever you have in your life. It’s understandable to have certain expectations in life but don’t be greedy.”
Gurudutt, an inmate of the old age home shares his experience
Lakshmamma, another inmate who is 80 years old and living here for the past one year is extremely glad with the support she receives, “I’m childless and lived with my husband in a rented house. I used to work in a temple for most of my life as a cleaner. When I fell sick people, people advised me to join this home as I was unable to look after myself and my husband. My husband went on to live with his relatives while I came here. I love it here. We are looked after very well and live as one big family.”
Women beneficiaries engaged in broom making activity
Kalyani an employee who volunteered said, “I’m so happy that I got a chance to participate in the various activities. I have never done anything like this before. I thank my company for giving us this wonderful opportunity. I would definitely love to volunteer in the future too.”
Nehal, lead volunteer who was instrumental in organizing the meet gave the vote of thanks. The meet ended with food and hot beverages and everyone departed with a resolve to work even more closely with the aged and the underprivileged.